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SA dad works to give away free helmets in wake of bike crash tragedy

"I see a lot of situations where kids pass bikes down to other kids. but rarely do they offer a helmet or lights."

SAN ANTONIO — There's no guidebook on grief, no manual on how to mourn. But inside the Small Planet bike shop in central San Antonio, it’s all about perspective

"It was almost impossible to not put myself in those parents' shoes. As a parent, it's devastating to lose a daughter," Moses Carreon said. 

The San Antonio bike rider and dad didn't know Irie Suarez, but he didn't have to. 

Last week, 10-year-old Irie was riding her bike to the school when she lost control and was hit by a car. Authorities say the fifth-grader wasn't wearing a helmet at the time.

"It was just one of those situations where everyone was looking to blame somebody, but in this case this was just a tragic accident." 

A tragedy Carreon is hoping he can help see less of.

"I see a lot of situations where kids pass bikes down to other kids, but rarely do they offer a helmet or lights," he said.

So Carreon is raising money to purchase a bulk order of helmets to hand out to children in need.

It's a selfless gesture Carreon is no stranger to. Once a month, his group rides downtown and hands out nearly a hundred hygiene bags to the homeless.

"We just always take care of each other and help out," he said. 

Help that, in this case. could make a life-long difference for a kid.

After all, once the flowers have dried and the memorials have faded, it's the lessons learned that'll keep Irie's legacy blooming. 


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