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Reckless drivers creating dangerous conditions on a major school bus route

A concerned parent is making it her mission to spread awareness and stop reckless drivers

SEGUIN, Texas — State Highway 123 is a major road between San Marcos and Seguin. With homes and a school bus stop along the state highway, parents are concerned for their children's safety when drivers fail to stop for the school bus.

Margarita Reyes watches her three children catch the bus to and from school every day. 

"Usually cars just don't stop and if they do it's last minute and that's when something can happen," Reyes said. 

She took out her phone and started recording, catching dozens of drivers failing to stop when the school bus stop arm was out. 

"I have plenty of videos that's just a good little few of them," Reyes said. 

She said once she posted the videos on Facebook, other parents reached out saying they see the same incidents happen at their children's bus stop. Reyes hopes by showing the videos, people will see the dangers their children face on a regular basis. 

"If I have to go to work or school I'm scared I will get a phone call that something happened," Reyes said. "All it takes is one second with anything. One second a parent losing a kid or one second that a car swerves and doesn't see." 

Guadalupe County Sheriff's Office told KENS 5 they have heard the growing concerns and deputies are patrolling the area in hopes of catching the reckless drivers. 

In Guadalupe County, drivers who are caught passing a stopped school bus could face a $600 fine and no eligibility for driving defense courses.

Navarro ISD Superintendent Dee Carter also said the district is aware of the dangerous conditions. Carter sent the below statement to KENS 5 on Friday afternoon: 

"Navarro ISD bus drivers are devoted to keeping students safe on the way to and from school.

All four of our campuses are located on State Highway 123 and Link Road. SH 123 is the major artery between Interstate 35 in San Marcos and Interstate 10 in Seguin. It carries heavy truck and car traffic all day and night. We are painfully aware that some of the vehicles do not stop when our buses stop to let students on and off. Our drivers are diligent in posting yellow lights 300 feet before stopping and deploying the stop arm and red lights as they stop. We do not allow students to cross the highway; we pick them up and let them out on the side on the road where they reside. 

We are aware that some vehicles, especially those approaching from the opposite direction, do not stop. Our local DPS officers and the Guadalupe Sheriff's department patrol the highway diligently and stop many offenders, but they cannot be in all places at all times. 

We join with Navarro ISD parents in drawing attention to these dangerous conditions. Everyone needs to slow down when they see they see the yellow lights and STOP when they see the red lights—in both directions! I think some people believe that they do not need to stop on a multi-lane highway, but that is not the case unless the highway has a median to divide the lanes. SH 123 does not have a median. None of the roads in our school district have a median, including State Highway 46, which is another major artery between New Braunfels and Seguin."


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