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Staying safe at the pool this summer

Stay hydrated, and make sure to maintain visual contact with anyone who struggles to swim.

SAN ANTONIO — May is National Water Safety Month and San Antonio has already seen some record setting heat. So, no doubt the nearest pool is the place to beat the heat. 

Hannah Rowley, with Life Time, spoke with KENS 5 about safety tips.

"It is the busiest time of the year," she said. We recommend to always maintain active visual contact when you are at the pool watching your non-swimmers."

Rowley shared their number one tip, which she calls the 25:10 rule.

"To maintain a 25:10 rule," she said. "So, basically if a swimmer cannot actively swim 25 meters without assistance than we recommend a parent be within ten feet of the child at all times."

Proper instruction is important, and you might be surprised to learn that some babies start learning how to swim before taking their first steps. As far as swim lessons go, Rowley said the younger the better.

"If you start them at a young age they are able to excel through their skills and build the confidence they need to be safe in the water, she said. "At Life Time we do start swim lessons as early as four months."

According to the CDS, drowning is the leading cause of death for children under five in the U.S. aside from birth defects. Rowley said breaks are important.

"It does get super-hot and it is easy to get dehydrated if you are in the pool all day," she said. "So, definitely take a break every one to two hours if you have the chance."

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