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Kerrville community demands justice for 2 children killed following separate incidents

Messages of #Justice for Arianna and #Justice for Gideon could be read the streets as Kerrville residents held signs calling for answers.

KERRVILLE, Texas — Kerrville residents are fighting for justice after the deaths of two children who were killed in August.

Arianna Lopez, 8, died from her injuries on Monday after a local 23-year-old firefighter allegedly crashed into her bedroom while drunk behind the wheel on August 6.

Isaac Barboza Jr. remains bonded out of jail, but remains charged with intoxication assault with a vehicle.  

August 6 is also the day first responders discovered 2-year-old Gideon Barideaux with injuries before he was flown to a hospital in San Antonio.

The Medical Examiner’s Office noted Barideaux died on August 9. The cause of death is being called a “subdural hemorrhage.”

Police are investigating Gideon’s passing as a homicide. No suspects have been named at this time.

Mike Taylor is among the most vocal Kerrville residents who has been leading a community-wide effort to spread awareness about both cases.

“There are people walking free that have killed kids in our area right now,” Taylor said. “This summer’s been catastrophic. It’s something that rarely happens out here, but it needs to stop.”

Taylor organized a Wednesday demonatration outside the Kerrville Police Department headquarters. A handful of people came out, holding signs demanding justice for Arianna and Gideon’s families.

Among the supporters was Francisco Ramos.

“Kerrville’s a small town. Everybody knows everybody,” Ramos said.

As for Taylor, he’s frustrated and has this blunt message for the entire community.

“We will stand out here everyday that we have to. We will put as much pressure on the police department that we have to, the DA that we have to," he said. "We will make sure there is justice if you hurt or kill any of these kids in the Texas Hill Country.”

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