A public all-girls school is opening up next year. The Elementary campus will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, and Social-Emotional learning. It will be an extension of the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, which currently serves middle and high school girls.

While SAISD is the host district, the new primary campus will accept out-of-district students.

Click: Young Women's Leadership Academy Primary at Page

Tuesday, about a dozen parents and SAISD administrators gathered in the library of Page Middle School. The facility will begin renovation over the summer and welcome a new set of students in the fall.

Future Kindergartener Elizabeth takes a break from playing with other children her age. She shows off a handmade boat she created while her parents learned more about the YWLA Primary program.

The young girl hopes to return to the same room next year, as a student. After learning more about the program at a parent informational meeting, mom Elizabeth Munoz-Pena plans to apply.

The campus will welcome Kindergarten and first graders in 2019.

“I want more rigor for my child and I especially like the leadership aspect of this school,” said Munoz-Pena. “I want her to be in a community where she can voice her opinions, not feel apprehensive about boys. Also, I need an environment where it's a little bit more sensitive to girls.”

The tuition-free school is open to any Kindergarten and first-grade girl who lives in Bexar County. There will be a lottery system for selecting students with no academic requirements.

A percentage of the spots will go to girls living within three miles of the campus at the current Page Middle School. Another percentage will go to in-district applicants. The final spots will be filled by out-of-district students.

“One of the things that we're focusing on is just creating these little leaders with so many academic strengths,” said Andrea Pitts, who will serve as the Principal. “So I'm creating girls that are self-aware, that are academically strong and driven and leaders in their community. But the great thing about it, it’s going to be at the Kindergarten and first grade level for the 2019 school year.”

Eventually, the primary campus will offer classes for Kindergarten through 5th grade. For 6th through 12th grades, the students can enroll at the YWLA secondary campus which has been welcoming students since 2008.

“I believe that exposure to everything is really important,” said YWLA Secondary student Selina Hernandez. The Junior has attended the school since 6th grade. “It really gives you a hands-on experience [to decide] if you really would like to go into the career path you're thinking of instead of finding out when you get into college.”

Selina says she’s excited to watch the younger grades start school with other girls who will soon become their best friends.

“I've gotten to get to know everybody,” said Selina. “You have like a more personal relationship with everyone you meet here.”

Applications for the primary school will be accepted between November 26th and February 8th. Several more informational meetings have been scheduled. On November 1st parents can learn more at the Boys & Girls Club on Ralph Street. The meeting is from 6 – 7 p.m. A session in Spanish will be held on November 15th in the Page Middle School library. The meeting will also be held from 6 – 7 p.m. The school address is 401 Berkshire. For additional dates visit the district's web page by clicking this link: Young Women's Leadership Academy Primary at Page