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Protesters take to Houston streets to demand justice for Breonna Taylor

In a show of solidarity, more than a hundred women laid in Houston streets on Sunday as they demanded justice for Breonna Taylor.

HOUSTON — Protesters hit the Houston streets Sunday to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Bishop James Dixon helped organize the "I Sleep for Breonna Taylor Demonstration March."

"More justice was given to her neighbor's house, her neighbor's walls. No justice was given to her," one protester said.

Protesters said last week's decision in Louisville, Kentucky was just another slap in the face to the black community. A grand jury chose not to indict any of the three officers with charges directly related to Taylor's death.

In March, Louisville police executed a warrant and stormed into Taylor's house as a part of a drug investigation. Police opened fire when Taylor's boyfriend shot first thinking they were intruders. No drugs were found on the property.

"It's very scary to know this could happen to any one of us," one woman said. "I could be shot in my sleep and no one cares."

Taylor was sleeping moments before the police came in. So, in solidarity with Taylor, Houstonians brought pillows and blankets and laid on the ground blocking the streets imagining her final moments.

"I march for my daughter ... Breonna could have been my daughter," one longtime HISD teacher said.

Every woman who marched sees themselves or the ones they love in Taylor. They say it's fear only black women comprehend and believe nothing will change until everyone understands.

Protesters are hoping justice for Taylor is still within reach.


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