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Protesters, families of San Antonio men killed by officers reopened want cases reopened

"We are tired. We are fed up. And San Antonio is not the angelic city that they want to portray that is."

SAN ANTONIO — The families of two people killed by San Antonio police officers are calling for their cases to be reopened. The families of Marquise Jones and Charles 'Chop' Roundtree joined protesters Wednesday.

Jones' aunt Debbie Bush spoke to the passionate group of demonstrators.

"We are tired," she said. "We are fed up. And San Antonio is not the angelic city that they want to portray that is."

For the past two days, protestors purposely have been outside the District Attorney's Office. They want the DA Joe Gonzales to hear their cries and chants.

Cheryl Jones, the mother of Marquise, also spoke to the crowd of more than a 100.

"I am just an angry mom at this point," she said. "Because my son don't deserve that."

Marquise was shot in the back by an SAPD officer in 2014. The Jones family attorneys claimed that the officer's decision to use lethal force was not justified when he shot Jones in the back as he ran from the scene of a fender bender.

"My son didn't do anything wrong," she said. "The wrongest thing he did was ran that's it. He shot him in the back like a dog."

In October, Roundtree was shot and killed in October 2018. The unarmed teen died after an SAPD officer opened fire. Police say Roundtree was not the intended target. His adoptive and biological mothers were at the protests as well Wednesday.

'We are going to keep yelling," Bernice Roundtree said. "We are going to keep making noise. We are going to stay here until we get the justice we deserve."

For years, the families have been fighting for justice. However, their outcries are heard once again in the streets of San Antonio. The officers in these cases have never been charged for any wrongdoing.

"I just want them to do what is right by Charles and Marquise," Jones said. "Get these cops locked up indicted and charged with murder."

Daryl Washington represents these families. He said there were flaws in each of the investigations. He sad there is new evidence a grand jury should hear. The families beg for the DA to listen.

However, Gonzales told us he has no plans on re-opening these cases. He said there has been no new evidence or information to come up since they were investigated.

"You can't do it because people are angry, you have to do it based on whether or not the fact supports that somebody broke the law," he said.

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