Pastor Daniel Villarreal is learning a new lesson in the miraculous.

His wife and newborn daughter have faced tremendous health challenges over the past month.

I've seen the miraculous happen in other people's lives. And I know what God can do," Villarreal said. "I know what's possible."

Villarreal is the pastor of Grace Avenue Church. His wife Janelle is the first lady. Vivienne is their first daughter.

The couple lost their only son. Zachary Jude was stillborn last summer.

Daniel and Janelle got pregnant again.

But life's storm wasn't done with the Villarreal family. Complications from preeclampsia sent Janelle into the hospital at the beginning of July.

Eden Raine was born prematurely on July 10.

Doctors discovered Janelle was suffering from HELLP Syndrome. The severe variation of preeclampsia became life threatening for mother and child.

"I cried out to God," Villarreal said. "I remember just telling God that I trust you. No matter what happens."

He said the next day Janelle's condition got worse. The young pastor posted updates about his wife of 15 years and daughter's condition on social media. He hashtagged the posts with 'There will be miracles.'

He said through bible study, song and scripture this divine word came from God to his wife.

The Villarreals believed in the spiritual word so much they hung a sign up in their home. They had no idea their family would become the focus of the miracle.

"In your relationship with God there's not a punch out card. You don't clock out," He said. "I've felt an overwhelming sense that my pain could be used for God's glory."

Villarreal splits his days between two hospitals. He is with his wife at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital. Then, he travels to spend time with Eden at North Central Baptist Hospital.

"When you know you don't have all the answers to fix it you just reach out," He said.

The desperate desire to see the two healed led him to a social media post asking for worldwide prayer. The response to his plea was mindblowing.

People of faith stood with his family to lift them up in prayer. Texas Governor Greg Abbott was one of them.

"Incredible to see how many people of faith were just behind us," He said. "To see people from Israel, Brazil and Nicaragua and Nigeria and Mexico all these different places reach out and say we have teams of people praying for you. We're praying for you."

The prayer has produced results. Eden is doing well.

Janelle still needs more prayer. She's still fighting to stay alive. Her husband clings to his faith.

"Even when it seems hopeless there's still hope," He said. "Even when it seems like there is no possibility of turning around with God everything is possible."