Jayden Miller, an 8th grader at Poteet Junior High, said his passion for strength training and weight lifting all started with his dad.

“I just love spending time with my dad, lifting at home,” said Miller. “I didn't really start out that heavy. I was lifting a lot for my age but it wasn't where I am right now. Maybe 200 pounds less on everything.”

Miller’s dad, Matthew, said he decided to get his son professional training with Pierre Garcia, with Garcia Elites. He said his son started training sessions this past summer and began seeing bigger results.

“A lot of it was done by Pierre Garcia his coach. He concentrated a lot on core work, back lower back strength. This is a kid that weighs almost 220 pounds as a 13-year-old and he's doing 250 crunches a day. Not to mention the back work that he does,” said Matthew.

Miller recently competed in the USA Powerlifting Youth Nationals that was held in Lafayette, Louisiana. He brought home the first place medal and set new records in three categories.

The former squat record was 308.6 pounds and Miller achieved 341.7 pounds. The former deadlift record was 347.2 pounds and he reached 374 pounds. In the three lift total category, the former weight was 898.4 pounds and Miller did 924 pounds.

“Looking back at what I had done is really amazing, the feeling,” said Miller.

“It’s exciting for me as a father of course. Being able to see him accomplish something at a national level, not just at a local level,” said Matthew.

Miller said he’s the only one at his school who competes in powerlifting. After his big win, he said his peers are interested in following his footsteps.

“They want to do it next year in freshman with me,” said Miller. “A lot of people just asked me, just how much you do? How'd you get it? And what are your techniques.”

Miller’s said he plans to continue weightlifting past high school and hopefully, beyond college.

“If anybody has any dreams, just follow them because I surely didn't think I'd be doing this,” he said.