San Antonio has a problem with stray dogs and cats.

Now a very big donation from the Petco Foundation will help the city pay for a plan to solve it.

Animal Care Services will provide 40,000 surgeries this year alone.

They said a $150,000 grant from Petco will allow them to do more than 1,400 at its new clinic at Brooks City Base.

"While that doesn't sound like a whole bunch of animals, think about a thousand animals procreating, that is times three, times four, times five, times six the number of litters we're preventing," Lisa Norwood, spokeswoman for Animal Care Services said.

Norwood said if city council signs off on the plan this week, ACS will give the San Antonio Humane Society $100,000 to perform free or low-cost spay and neuter surgeries at the city-owned facility at Brooks Animal Clinic.

"We just built our Brook's spay neuter clinic, it's been going strong and we wanted to make sure they have the financial support to be able to provide as many free or low-cost surgeries as possible," said Norwood.

ACS will use the remaining $50,000 from Petco to provide 700 spay and neuter surgeries.

The partnership between Petco, ACS and the Humane Society helps tackle a major problem without taxpayers incurring a huge expense.

"Anytime that we can get a like-minded group together that are looking to achieve the same goal that just automatically equals fireworks," Norwood said.

Approximately 91 percent of the animals that come into ACS are adopted out.

The more animals that can be spayed or neutered means fewer strays on the streets on San Antonio.