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Pet owner: Pack of dogs attacks and kills south side kitten

"I was just so horrified," the pet owner said. "It makes me sad just talking about it right now."

Destinee Salas hasn't ventured to the side of her yard since that day, a day that,  due to her home surveillance, she can easily play back. 

"I was just so horrified," Salas told KENS 5. "I was in so much distress. It makes me sad just talking about it right now." 

On Thursday Salas was inside her West Villaret Boulevard home with her daughter when she heard a commotion outside. She told KENS 5 she walked out and turned the corner of her yard to see dogs mauling her kitten. 

Salas said the cat died within minutes of the attack. Part of the encounter was caught on her doorbell camera. 

"It was so ugly to see. I'm still trying to get over the situation." 

She said she reported the incident to Animal Care Services multiple times. Salas told KENS 5 she and her husband alerted ACS about the pack of dogs before the attack and after, but they were still loose. 

KENS 5 messaged and called ACS before our interview with Salas and, within minutes of speaking to her outside her home Friday afternoon, ACS officers showed up. 

"You have no idea how happy I am right now," Salas said as she watched two officers attempt to capture some of the dogs from the pack. 

"It could have been a child, I mean, thank God," she said. "It's unfortunate that it was our pet cat. I'm just glad they came out and did something."

KENS 5 did witness ACS apprehend at least one of the dogs in the pack. It's unclear if they were able to capture others. 

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