SAN ANTONIO - Across San Antonio, people watched as Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, many in groups at watch parties.

"This is historical in the sense that the common man and woman, the forgotten man and woman as soon to be President Trump has been saying, they won," said Roger Vangunta.

He worked on the Trump campaign as co-chair for San Antonio, and also started a Trump meet up group.

"The Trump meet up started with about seven members. We are up to 170," Vengunta said.

"I've been in the Trump meet up group from the very beginning. I have campaigned by making calls for Trump. I was hoping he would win, and he did. I'm here to support him to make our country great again," said Trump meet up group member Yvonne Knight.

What did they both think of the colorful Kellyanne Conway's outfit? "It was fantastic!," Vengunta said. "Oh, it's great. She is definitely patriotic with red white and blue," Knight added.

At St. Philip's College's Bowden Alumni Center, students and faculty alike observed the ceremonial transfer of power, and also gave their thoughts on what this day means for the future of America.

"We are all one nation. What we need to be doing is get together as a community, as a nation, to move our country, our community and our families forward," said Dr. Mordecai Brownlee, vice president for student success.