Findings from a peer review conducted by the Houston Fire Department regarding the May Ingram Square fire on that left Firefighter Scott Deem dead have revealed possible flaws in the way the department handled the incident.

According to the review, the San Antonio Fire Department treated the fire like they would a residential fire, not a commercial fire.

Photo credit: Michael Humphries, KENS 5 Chief Photographer

They reportedly searched for survivors in the building, despite conditions indicating no one would have survived, and the crew that went in didn't have a fire hose, which is considered a lifeline in a fire incident.

The report also claimed that Firefighter Brad Phipps pulled ceiling tiles, which resulted in the fire coming down on top of both him and Firefighter Scott Deem.

Chief Charles Hood said that the department has implemented changes to its practices and procedures, including training, as a result of this review.

Chief Hood also told KENS 5 he wanted to emphasize there are no villains here and that the findings were part of a peer, not criminal, review.