Calvary Church on the northeast side was vandalized early Wednesday morning.

Surveillance video from the church's security cameras caught three young men breaking into the church, taking several TVs and trashing the property.

Church pastor David Caruthers said this is the fifth time the church has been vandalized in the past six months.

The congregation hasn't even moved into the new building yet. The 35 year old Church with a 200 member congregation was set to begin services at the new location in a few weeks, but now that timeline will most likely be delayed.

Around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, the three young men are caught on camera breaking into the church, but because the building is still under construction the security system is not completely hooked up.

The system could only record the intruders and no alarms went off so the police weren't notified until several hours later.

"It's disappointing if someone steals something, but it's even more disappointing for just the wanton destruction of things for no apparent reason," Caruthers said.

After breaking glass windows and doors and spraying fire extinguishers around the building, the three young men start using a dolly they found to haul away five large screen TVs and other electronics.

"The criminals are brazen coming in and out multiple times of the building for more than two hours it looks like they were here so I think the whole community here should be concerned," Caruthers said.

In addition to the approximately $10,000 in damage and stolen property, the vandals tagged the building with 'M8' signs and other racial epithets.

"We're a community, we're all together, we don't want this to happen to anyone. Yeah, it stinks that it happened to us, we would like for these people to be caught at least or deterred if nothing else, just deterred from doing this anymore," Aaron Davis, a student pastor at the church said.

SAPD said since December they've received eight calls to the church's new location for multiple reports of criminal mischief, burglary and suspicious people.

They were called to Wednesday's incident at 7 a.m. and are still investigating.