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Parents faced with decision to vaccinate their children as governmental approval nears of Pfizer vaccine for young kids

Pfizer's study has shown the vaccine to be 91% effect against the coronavirus, based on a trial involving more than 2,200 children.

SAN ANTONIO — The FDA is on track to recommend Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for children ages 5-11 after an advisory committee approved the shot Tuesday.  

Final approval from the FDA and CDC could take place within the next several days.

Sherri Gardner is a mother of two young children who used to work in the medical field. She opted in for the Pfizer series of shots.

“I made that decision for my family and for all the patients I was in close proximity for. I felt that it was my duty to get vaccinated to protect those around me,” Gardner said.

Impending rollout of the Pfizer shot for elementary-age youth has prompted pre-orders of the vaccines from state governments, including Texas where 2.9 million kids could be eligible for the vaccine.

“All parents are facing that challenge of what is the best thing for my child,” Gardner said.

While Gardner’s 2-year-old daughter is too young for the vaccine, her 6-year-old son meets the criteria as a potential candidate.

“As for my children, to be completely honest, at the moment, I’m not sure. I am a little bit hesitant,” Gardner said.

She’s concerned about the side effects.  

“There has been due diligence in regards to the research even though this vaccine was created in a much quicker fashion,” said UT Health San Antonio’s Dr. Alvaro Moreira.

Pfizer’s clinical trial data has revealed the risk of side effects from the kid dosage aren’t as prominent compared to teens and adults.

Pain from the injection, soreness, chills and feeling faint, are among the common reactions cited in Pfizer’s study of more than 2,200 children.

The vaccine has shown to be nearly 91% effective against coronavirus as a result of the Pfizer study.

 “And in very, very rare instances where you can get some inflammation around the heart muscle or the sack that is lining the heart. Those were reasons why the dosage was adjusted to not only fit the safety but the efficacy.”

Dr. Moreira urges parents to consult with healthcare providers if they have questions about whether the vaccine is right for their child; acknowledging how misinformation has spread regarding the coronavirus vaccine.

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