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Parent says school punished child for making outcry

The parent of an elementary student says her daughter is being punished by leaders of a local charter school after making an outcry about teacher abuse.

A local charter school is accused of punishing a second grader who spoke out against a teacher.

The child, who has special needs, says the teacher hurt her after losing her temper.

Debbie Garcia says the problems began when her daughter got in trouble for talking during a test at BASIS San Antonio Primary North Central Campus.

"The teacher put minus 10 on their test. My daughter is 7 years old, she started crying because she didn't understand why she got points off. The teacher asked her to stop crying, well she kind of roughly asked her, so she cried more and the teacher went over by her and basically jabbed her in the rib cage and gritted between her teeth and asked her to stop crying again," said Garcia.

Garcia says her daughter told another teacher about the alleged incident.

"The homeroom teacher tried to convince her the teacher did not punch her, even though she did not witness it," said Garcia.

Garcia says her daughter is now isolated in another room during math and science because BASIS doesn't have another teacher for those subjects for the second grade.

"This child, her voice needs to be heard, she needs to feel safe to speak up and she needs to feel like there is not a bad consequence for speaking up," said Garcia.

Garcia says her other two daughters love the school, but may have to move because of the way she says her youngest is being treated.

"When she sees this teacher she hides under her desk, she hides under tables in the cafeteria, she's afraid of the teacher she can't be expected to exceed and thrive in class," said Garcia.

A representative from BASIS declined our request for an interview but said the allegations are not true and they're working with Garcia to make sure her daughter has the resources she needs.