UNIVERSAL CITY, Texas — Em Silguero lives at an apartment complex in the 2200 block of Pat Booker Road. He says he’s watched Judson ISD buses stop and drivers ignore it by driving past the vehicle. He started recording videos of the drivers and found that they stopped once they saw his cellphone.

“I've come to a point now where I put out my cell phone and videotape it as they pass by on Facebook Live or my Snapchat or other social media,” he said. “Then, they'll abruptly stop. It takes that, for me to get to the curb and walk toward the street and hold up my camera.”

One of the videos that he recorded shows a bus flashing its lights and slowing down. Then, three cars going past the bus that is at a full stop. Another video shows other cars on the opposite traffic lane not stopping for the bus.

State law requires drivers to stop in both traveling directions when a bus has a stop sign or lights flashing on its vehicle. Drivers can continue traveling if there is a raised median between the lanes. Silguero said he’s contacted local businesses to put up signs and called police in attempt to stop the drivers.

“I've only seen it once, where I had an officer stop in a median to stop traffic. In the four years, that's the only time it's happened,” he said.

Silguero said he’s concerned that tragedy is what will eventually get people’s attention.

“I saw that a little girl came off the bus and her papers flew across the street and the cars didn't stop as she went to grab them. I had to literally hold her back from getting her papers,” he said. ‘If I wasn't there, who knows what could have happened.”

KENS 5 contacted Universal City Police and a department spokesperson said they are aware of the drivers breaking the law on Pat Booker Road. She said more officers will be dedicated to that area. Tuesday afternoon, KENS 5 witnessed an officer patrolling the road when kids were dropped off from the bus.

A Judson ISD spokesperson said all of the district buses, except for substitute units, are equipped with cameras. Drivers who fail to stop for buses are likely to face citations.