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COVID booster study for kids | Wear The Gown

Kids age 12-17 who are not eligible for a booster yet can take part in this study

SAN ANTONIO — COVID is once again surging making the need for boosters so important. But not everyone is eligible.  

Clinical Trials of Texas is just one of the locations across the country running the study. They're looking for kids between the ages of 12 and 17 who are not yet eligible for a COVID-19 booster.    

"It's summertime now. Kids are not going to school and it is a good opportunity for them to go in and get the booster because they're not really approved for the booster outside of the study yet for that age group," said Dr. Douglas Denham, the Chief Medical Director at Clinical Trials of Texas. He says this is a great opportunity for underserved kids in the community. Dr. Denham told us, "I think it's always an opportunity for children generally don't go see the doctor unless they're sick or they need their physical."  

There will be two groups of children age 12 to 17. One group is already vaccinated and will receive one dose of a COVID booster. The other group are children that are not vaccinated. They will receive two shots of the same COVID vaccine. Each dose will be given one month apart. The goal is to track the immune response and antibody response to current variants. Dr. Denham added, "It's basically to see how that compares the immune response and to things like the BA.4 and BA.5 and whatever else is going around right now."   

Dr. Denham says this is a great opportunity for children to get the vaccine, receive compensation, and be monitored by a physician for at least a full year. He told us, "They're not really approved. This age group is not approved for the for a booster shot yet. So this will actually give them a booster to get them, you know, bring up their immunity for going back to school."  

To find out more about the booster study and to see if your child may quality call 210-949-0122 or go to SAResearch.com. 

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