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The '90 second Healthy-Heart Workout' gets people moving anywhere, anytime | Wear The Gown

Camp Transformation Center teaches us this workout you can do anywhere, anytime.

SAN ANTONIO — February is American Heart Month, and the Mayo Clinic says just five minutes a day of physical activity has healthy heart benefits. And one local gym is teaching an exercise program that makes it easy to get moving and get your health on track.

It is called the "90 Second Heart-Healthy Workout." The goal, to get anybody moving, anywhere, anytime. Daniel Amador, a personal trainer at Camp Transformation Center told us, "For example, I'm going to do one exercise for 90 seconds, stop, and go on throughout my day. Stop, and do another exercise for 90 seconds. And you try to do it throughout the day."

Lisa Maggiani has been coming to Camp Transformation Center for two years, and she's lost 60 pounds. 

Maggiani said, "The workout is fun. It gets you moving early, gets you going. When you're moving, it just gives you more energy throughout the day." 

Jessica Brown, a fitness instructor added, "The 90 second workout is geared towards anyone looking to have a healthier lifestyle."

There are five different exercises within the work out. Participants just need to go through each one wherever they are, and get through all five by the end of the day.

1. Rush the Stairs: Run up and down a flight of stairs for 90 seconds for a quick jolt of energy.

2. Invisible Jump Rope: Pretend you’re holding a jump rope and jump up and down on both feet for 90 seconds.

3. Midday Mountain Climbers: Get a full body workout in 90 seconds with this exercise. Put your hands on the floor and extend your legs behind you to get into plank position. Bring your knee to the opposite elbow and avoid lifting your hips. Alternate knees to opposite elbows repeatedly for 90 seconds.

4. Standing Push-Ups: Stand with your hands against a wall, and angle your body about 45 degrees with your head closer to the wall and your feet away from it. Use your arms to bring yourself toward the wall, keeping your elbows in, and then push back up. Repeat for 90 seconds.

5. Office Squats: Stand and place your feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your back and neck straight, lower your body as if you’re sitting in a chair directly behind you, then stand back up. Repeat for 90 seconds to fire up your glutes. 

To find out more about what The Camp Transformation Center has to offer click here.

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