Recovering from a stroke is a difficult process. Rehabbing is tough, especially when its complicated by other health issues that a patient may have.

"I've had previous strokes dating back to 1999," said Scott Davie, who has had six strokes in his lifetime.

Davies's most recent stroke happened in 2016 and brought him to University Health System's Reeves Rehabilitation Center and Speech Pathologist Rocio Infante.

"In 2016 was the first time I've ever been able to get therapy," he noted.

His wife Tricia says that strokes have only been one of his health complications.

"He's had a heart attack, he's had cancer, he's had a few other things, and he bounces back," she said.

Most strokes happen when a blood clot or fatty deposit blocks an artery supplying blood to the brain. To clear those clots, blood thinners are often used. For Davie, finding that ideal thickness of the blood has been an issue.

"I've been taking blood thinners ever since, managing the blood, and they just can't seem to get it thin enough to get the clots to go through without getting stuck," he explained.

Davie has been seeing Dr. Infante for over a year now, and their positive doctor-patient relationship has been helping Davie make strides.

"There is an adjustment period," Dr. Infante said. "We do a lot of kind of talking about your underlying emotions."

"The better shape you are in, the more exercise, more prepared, the better you can deal with what life brings you," said Davie, who added that he's ready for whatever may come his way.

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