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Here's how to avoid the biggest injury risks during the holidays | Wear The Gown

Something as simple as an old electrical cord can lead to a catastrophic fire. Here's how to take precautions.

SAN ANTONIO — The winter holiday season is a time of year for celebrating and being with friends and family.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the top three injuries are falls (34 percent), lacerations (11 percent) and back strains (10 percent.)

Why are falls such a large percentage? Ladders.

"Make sure that you are utilizing ladders that are more of a A-frame ladder, a little more sturdy that you have somebody there with you holding the ladder to make sure that there is no falls," said Jennifer Northway who is the director of injury prevention at University Health.

She says even falls from a low height can have serious consequences.

"If you land the wrong way, you could die from a fall from just 10 feet in height," she said.

Next up is heating your home. Northway said: "We want to be mindful that we are not using our ovens, leaving those open to warm the home. We don't want to have any open flames. Utilizing space heaters are okay.".  

But you must pay attention to the heaters. Along with fires that may come from old wiring and lit candles. Northway said: "Get the kinds of candles that are battery operated or, you know, some other kind of electronic candle to simulate that flame."  

Also dry Christmas trees. Northway told us, "it's very important for folks to keep those holiday trees well watered." That is to make sure they don't go up flames.

Last but certainly not least is alcohol. Northway told us, "It's important people make a plan before they get to the holiday party. Make sure you have a dozen designated sober driver or utilizing Uber or Lyft to get yourself home safely."  

For more information about holiday injury safety and to download a form to make your own home fire escape plan, check out this story on KENS5.com.

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Here's some more information about holiday safety: