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Working on healthy eating as kids head back to school | Wear The Gown

It may be tough to switch from summer eating habits to more nutritious items.

SAN ANTONIO — Over the summer, some of our children's' eating habits may not have been the best. For your child, eating the right food and making sure they eat is very important because children, as their blood sugar drops, concentration drops too, as does their ability to learn in class

"They are in sports, so it is important to me to make sure they are in their best tip top shape to play basketball," said Steve Torres with his sons Ajrian and Ryan who attend school in South San Antonio ISD. He says even though they play sports, their diet may not be the best at all times. Torres told us, "Healthy eating is a not a big thing with us, but with them being in sports, they kind of eat whatever they want but he burns it off in after school basketball every single day."

Diane Olivo, the South San Antonio ISD Health Service Coordinator said, "We always say, you know, high protein, low carbs, low salt." At South San Antonio ISD, they offer free lunches for all, which makes it easier on families. Olivo added, "We don't offer anything that is not appropriate in the school setting. So while they're here with us, they're eating wholesome, nutritious meals." 

Here are some tips for parents: Look over the cafeteria menu together. Talk about what they normally eat and recommend any items that are healthier. Allow them to buy favorite lunch items every so often, including chips, soda or ice cream. Encourage kids to take a packed lunch occasionally to ensure they get a nutritious midday meal.

But packed lunches are something that aren't as common these days. Olivo told us, "Not in our area, not in our district. It's once in a while. And a lot of times, maybe it's because there's a medical condition that they have."  

Olivo also says if your child has a medical condition, especially type-2 diabetes, to make sure to let staff at the school know so there are no surprise emergencies if their blood sugar gets to dangerous levels. 

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