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Getting back to life following heart surgery | Wear The Gown

University Health's "Cardiology Salud" helps heart surgery patients get back on track with life.

SAN ANTONIO — Regaining quality of life following major heart surgery can be very tough on patients, both physically and emotionally. We took a look at one program that aims to get those patients back to a healthy lifestyle, and feeling as close to their old selves as possible.

The program, which is offered by University Health, is called Cardiology Salud. The program also wants patients to avoid becoming reclusive, having anxiety and also falling back into bad lifestyle habits.

Patient Susan Moore said, "I've learned since the heart attack that there's a lot of things you can do to help with your heart health. Just simply like changing your diet, which is what I've been learning and have learned along the way."  

Susan Moore had a heart attack in 2009. Now in heart failure, she says Cardiology Salud helped her with her diet, but also with much needed support to stay as healthy as possible. "The love of the family is great. But having a medical team or somebody that can give you knowledge on how to take care of yourself and and keep that consistent, I think is is a good motivator for sure, and it has helped me."  

Natalie Nyren is a physician assistant in cardiology with University Health. The program is meant to empower patients. "Those things that they can do on their own to improve their health and to take back ownership of their health --  there's a lot that we can do to improve our health at home."  

Five things those can work on at home to improve health include having a healthy diet, getting enough exercise, managing stress levels, managing medications, and making sure you have support, such as Cardiology Salud's very own support group.

"This group really helps to provide that support that these patients need. But you can find it in other ways as well in your community. Friends, relatives can also be your partner to help you make these changes," Nyren said.

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For more information from the CDC about how cardiac rehab can help heal your heart click here: How Cardiac Rehabilitation Can Help Heal Your Heart | cdc.gov.

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