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Research suggests multivitamins do not improve cardiovascular health | Wear the Gown

For decades we've been told yes, but that may not be the case.

SAN ANTONIO — For years, even decades, medical professionals have said multivitamins provide great benefit to your health. Many take multivitamins in addition to their normal daily diet. 

But recent research by StudyFinds says those costly vitamins, for many, could be a waste of your money when it comes to cardiovascular health. 

"Multivitamins are recommended in patients who may not get all of their necessary dietary the recommended dietary allowance for vitamins and minerals," said Dr. Minoj Pandy, a cardiac electrophysiologist with Baptist Physicians Network. 

Multivitamins are used most often to replace vitamin deficiencies caused by illness, poor nutrition, pregnancy, digestive issues, and many other medical conditions. 

"Particularly once you get above a certain age, you know, 50 or 60 years of age," Dr. Panday added. 

StudyFinds looked at research from 18 different studies on multivitamins and mineral supplements. The results of more than two million people were analyzed, who took part in the study for about 12 years. The research found multivitamins and mineral supplements had no benefit to prevent heart attacks, strokes, or cardiovascular death. 

"There are certain vitamins that have particular implications. For instance, folic acid can be helpful in patients with certain types of anemia," Dr. Panday said. "B Vitamins can have certain beneficial effects for people with certain types of disease." 

So what should people be eating instead of popping that pill? 

"Fruits, vegetables, fish, white meats, as long as they're cooked well with less fatty oils, can be beneficial, much more beneficial than any pill can be," Dr. Panday told us.  

Dr. Panday suggests going to the CDC and FDA websites to look at recommended diets to fit into your lifestyle to make sure you are getting the minerals and nutrients you need,

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