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CDC gives greenlight for kids to go trick-or-treating this year | Wear The Gown

However, there are still precautions parents and kids should take, experts say.

SAN ANTONIO — The Centers for Disease Control has given the greenlight for kids to go trick-or-treating this Halloween, especially if they stay outdoors.

Last year's Halloween had a lot of restrictions, making it a scarier holiday than usual. But with vaccines being readily available, this year's candy grabbing evening shouldn't be nearly as frightening. 

However, there are still safety measures that can be taken.

"I think that we can make trick-or-treating reasonably safe for kids. It's fun. It's largely an outdoor activity. And I think we all need that little mental break from COVID,” said Dr. Tess Barton from UT Health San Antonio. 

She did say though, not everyone will be vaccinated.

"Most of the most of the younger kids who are going to be trick-or-treating are not going to be vaccinated and are potentially going to be vulnerable," Dr. Barton said.

Even if your kids are wearing a mask for their costume, they should still mask up under that to keep those COVID ghouls and goblins out of their bodies.

Dr. Barton told us, "I would recommend doing a surgical mask...because they feel cooler on your face, so that when you have multiple layers, you don't feel too hot."

If you are handing out candy, make sure you are healthy and have no respiratory symptoms. You can make a candy station with treat bags laid out so kids don't have to interact with people, or other households face-to-face. 

You can also avoid putting candy in a bucket where multiple hands could be touching the same piece of candy. 

And try to avoid going in large groups to limit the spread of any kind of germ. Dr. Barton added, "I do recommend that the kids take hand sanitizer with them, and between houses, do a little squirt and clean their hands. This is particularly important after touching things that multiple other people might have touched."

Dr. Barton also said if you have a trick-or-treater in your home to make sure you feel 100% as well, or have another healthy adult, who is ideally vaccinated, to take the kids out to get those sugary treats.

For more information about family health call (210) 358-3045. You can also find more Wear The Gown stories here.

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