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Addressing back to school concerns during the pandemic | Wear The Gown

Many parents and students still have concerns about returning to the classroom.

SAN ANTONIO — Kids are going back to school. Some have already started, others are just days away. There are still many concerns parents and children have about returning to the classroom.

One of the big concerns is about vaccines. Kids under 12 can't be vaccinated. That is where family can step up. "Parents need to be vaccinated. Everybody in the house that can be vaccinated needs to do it to prevent the kids to get the infection, and obviously transmit the infection to other people in school," said Dr. Mario Martinez, a pediatrician with University Health. 

He says since younger children can't get the vaccine, you should reinforce to your kids to stay as safe as possible while at school. He told KENS 5, "You need to talk with the child about social distancing, handwashing and follow the school rules."   

Wearing a mask or not wearing a mask has been a huge debate as the kids go back to hitting the books. Dr. Martinez added, "Remember we doctors, health care workers, we wear masks all day. They do it every day and they are fine. So masks are safe."

Dr. Martinez says if your child is sick in any way to keep them home, and if the symptoms match up with any form of COVID, get them tested. Dr. Martinez said, "So, clinically, it's very difficult to differentiate between COVID, RSV, influenza, bird influenza and all these viruses. The symptoms are going to be similar."

He also says there are many myths and misinformation on social media about vaccines and masks. And the best source for any guidance regarding any pandemic-related topics is your primary care physician. 

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