When you have a car accident, stroke, or anything that causes you to lose some or all of the movement of any part of your body, rehabilitation could be the key to getting back to what most consider to be your normal life.

The Reeves Rehabilitation Center at University Health System is using a special device to help patients get back on their feet. It is called an Ekso.

"It is a robotic device that you put on the patient. It's kind of like a backpack with some braces that go around the legs," said Gabrielle Canales with the Reeves Rehabilitation Center at University Health System.

She says the device is life-changing.

"It's kind of a training tool to help patients figure out how to weight shift so they can get back to their normal pattern of walking," she said.

There are sensors in the feet, and in the joints in the hip and the knee that allow the machine to detect where patients are at in their recovery, to allow them to get a little more movement.

The difficulty on the Ekso can be adjusted up or down to help the patient get a better handle on re-learning how to walk.

"When you get in the device, it's trying to make those muscles activate again," Canales said.

Isaac DeLua-Ruiz, 37, who was at the center for rehabilitation following a motorcycle accident, tells us the Ekso has changed his life.

"The benefits of walking in this have been dramatic for me," he said. "If I'm not doing anything, then I'm losing. My muscles are contracting, just falling into depression and not wanting to move."

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