We often associate PTSD with veterans, but the number one cause of PTSD is vehicle accidents.

"It was a rough transition learning how to walk again being in half a body cast," said 45-year-old Todd Mayberry who entered the Army in 1994.

Four years later while serving in Korea, Mayberry was riding his mountain bike when he was hit by a drunk driver and thrown into a building.

"I still have problems with my left knee but all in all it took me about two years of physical therapy to start to walk on my own without the use of a walker and a cane or crutches," Mayberry said.

He was in a coma for nearly six months. When he came out of it, and for years after, people around him noticed changes in his temper.

"My commander at the time said, he pulled me aside one day and said, 'Todd are you OK?' And I said, 'no I'm not.' And he says, 'you need to talk to a professional about what's going on with you,'" Mayberry said.

Like with many men, getting that help was difficult for Mayberry.

"Here is this military man, like nothing can hurt me, we are invincible, and I had to level myself and that was hard," said Mayberry.

University Health System Physician Dr. Patrick Pierre has been seeing Mayberry for two years.

"There is still a social stigma about behavioral health disorders and it takes a lot of courage for someone to talk to someone else about what they are experiencing and what they've been experiencing and how it's affecting their lives." Dr. Pierre said.

Dr. Christopher Wallace, a psychiatrist, also with University Health System said the faster you get that help the better.

"Many go for many years without coming forward for treatment because they are not sure exactly they would be able to be helped," Dr. Wallace said.

Mayberry got the help and said he has a much better handle on his PTSD.

"Don't be mister hard-core," he said. "Ask somebody for some help because you need it."

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