SAN ANTONIO -- Something magical happened for Valerie Canales and her family. Valerie celebrated her 40th birthday.

But there’s more...

Valerie’s mom, Sylvia Hernandez, worked two jobs to care for her three children. Due to finances and Valerie’s health, birthday parties were not always in the cards.

“She never really has the energy or financially we weren’t always able to have such a big party for her,” said Valerie’s sister Stephanie Canales.

With the help of Alamo Hospice and Morgan’s Wonderland, a fully accessible theme park designed with people who have special needs in mind, Valerie celebrated her special day with a big bash.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” Stephanie said. “To actually have my mom come and not have to worry about anything… and just seeing her smile and seeing my sister here, you know, being so surprised, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Lisa Foerster, Valarie’s social worker, organized the party at Morgan’s Wonderland along with several others from Alamo Hospice.

“The mother (Sylvia Canales) was telling me she was never able to plan a big birthday party for Valerie with family and friends… a themed birthday,” said Foerster. “We worked together with Morgan’s Wonderland to put this surprise party together for Valerie and her mom today.”

Stephanie said she loves her sister so much and believes the key to Valerie’s 40 years is the love and care that comes from their mother.

“We didn’t think we were going to have that long with her (Valerie),” said Stephanie, “so, it’s amazing to have her here still.”

Happy 40th birthday, Valerie.