GRIMES COUNTY, Texas - A one-armed deputy says he was just doing his job when a viral photo of him was taken.

Deputy Michael Jason, or MJ, has been with the Grimes County Sheriff's office for nine years.

A Michigan man snapped the photo and posted it to Facebook after seeing the deputy help two women change their tire. Many people on social media are praising deputy for his service.

MJ does not think his work was anything out of the ordinary. He says what many people may consider a disability, to him, it's not a disability at all.

"You have to get a bit more creative than other individuals," says Deputy Jason. "That's basically what I did, I decided to get creative and figure it out how to make things work for me."

MJ says he loves his job at the sheriffs office. His work is just one example of how he does not let his limitations hold him back. In his free time he likes to work on cars and hunt.