The fourth year of the Million Summer Meals for Kids kicked off on Thursday afternoon. It's a partnership between KENS 5 and the San Antonio Food Bank.

"We are so ready for the summer. We are ready to hit the libraries and the free events, play outside, play in the water, and just enjoy our family time together," said Natalie Escovedo, who was at the kickoff at Pre-K 4 SA with her boys Hunter and Landon.

They were given a bag of fresh produce, including Landon's favorite fruit, apples.

"Helping the children to eat well, like it's drawn into the family very quickly, and then it makes us more conscious of the choices we are making, and we realize that what we are doing is going to affect our whole family and our whole life span in the long run," Escovedo said.

But that long life span starts by eating the right food, and not going hungry.

"There are some kids that are not as fortunate to be able to have their meals they need all of the time, and being able to have that opportunity will be able to help children a whole lot, not only the children, and the families overall," Escovedo said.

"When you think of the year and the demand on the food bank, it's the summer months that are most compelling because of the number of kids that would go without if we didn't respond," said Eric Cooper, CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank.

When Million Summer Meals for Kids began four years ago, over 2 million meals were distributed. The next year, over 5 million. Last year, over 8 million. And this year's goal is 9 million meals.

"I just want to say thank you, San Antonio, because together, we are making sure that no kid goes hungry, and that's what this campaign is all about," Cooper said.