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KENS CARES: Don't let litter trash your river... Put it where it belongs

Threats to the health of the San Antonio River are mounting as our city grows.

SAN ANTONIO — Our San Antonio River is a delicate ecosystem and keeping it clean is important for overall river health. The San Antonio River Authority and its environmental scientists perform water quality monitoring, along with biological and habitat assessments throughout the San Antonio River Basin to keep tabs on the condition of this important ecoregion. 

Watersheds from Bexar, Wilson, Karnes and Goliad counties have creeks and rivers that all eventually flow into the San Antonio River. When it rains, litter from streets, parking lots, and neighborhoods washes into ditches and storm sewers that drain into area creeks and rivers.  These pollutants harm fish and wildlife in our local area and even as far as the San Antonio Bay and Gulf of Mexico.

But there is hope!  The San Antonio River Authority is committed to reducing the polluted storm water runoff that drains into our creeks and rivers by implementing mitigation strategies and creating high water quality standards.  

You can do your part by recycling, picking up after your pet, composting, picking up litter, and reducing single-use plastics such as straws, water bottles, cups, and utensils. In doing so, you are helping ensure healthy creeks and rivers are supporting aquatic life, other wildlife, recreation opportunities, and a sustainable ecosystem for present and future generations to enjoy.

Other ways to take part:

  • Become a River Warrior! Join the River Authority’s River Warrior volunteer program to take part in events organized by the agency.
  • Take a pledge to join in efforts to eliminate trash from the San Antonio River Basin.
  • Visit the River Authority’s website online resources with content and graphics available for download and information on how individuals and community organizations can organize cleanup events.

Let’s all work together to #beriverproud and put litter where it belongs. Learn how you can do small things to make a big difference at sariverauthority.org/trash-initiative.

KENS Cares and our sponsors, Methodist Healthcare and Raising Cane’s, are committed to making a difference in our community. When it comes to community, KENS Cares!

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