Carry The Load, the nonprofit organization with a goal to honor our nation's heroes, began its month-long march across the country in Seattle on Friday.

The West Coast relay of Carry The Load has begun. It is 31 days long. Between the east and west coasts, they'll travel 6,200 miles. Both relays have one mission, which is to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day. It all started Friday in Seattle with a three-mile march through downtown.

"Carry The Load was created to give an active way to support those who have sacrificed and given their lives to support our country as well as first-responders," said David Vobora, a former Seattle Seahawks player and founder and CEO of the Adaptive Training Foundation.

"It is very humbling. The thing I love the most about Carry The Load is it gives Americans an active way to engage in, to do something to honor our nation's heroes," Carry The Load Executive Director Debbie Wright said.

One of those heroes marching was Kevin Trimble. Trimble said,

"I come out and I enjoy it. I have fun. I enjoy doing the stuff. I enjoy getting out in the community meeting new people making my friends,” said Trimble, who lost both of his legs and one arm at 19 years old when an IED exploded in Afghanistan.

He eventually he found his motivation.

"I strongly believe that motivation comes from the inside not outside. So if you want to be motivated, you are going to be. But if you really don't want to do it, you are just not going to," Trimple said.

Even though many of those marching may be going through their own struggles, they are able to put aside their personal battles for this very important mission.

"We have Kevin Trimble, Army specialist, triple amputee here today in his wheelchair and rolling it out for this first leg of the West Coast relay of Carry The Load," Vobora said.

"Today, I am carrying the load for one of my team members, Rachel. She lost her sister this weekend. She's out walking with all the rest of us," Wright noted.

Carry The Load arrives in San Antonio on May 24. To check out the entire route just go to