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How teachers can protect themselves from the spread of COVID-19

Some helpful hints include not taking your work shoes inside the house, and keeping your mask in a bag after use and before washing

BEAUMONT, Texas — One of the most challenging jobs just got even more difficult as educators are having to completely rethink classroom setups and safety procedures for their classrooms. 

Dr. Ray Callas, a Beaumont physician, says it's a difficult place to be. 

"The teachers, I feel for them," Callas said. "They want to educate these children but they want to do it safely."

Here are some ways teachers can protect themselves this school year. 

  • Pack an extra set of clothes and change before leaving work

When you get home, put your old clothes right in the washer.


Of course, you should keep CDC guidelines in mind.

MORE | CDC Guidelines on how to prevent catching COVID-19  

"Maintain good hygiene, socially distance, wear a mask. When they take that mask off for the day, keep it in a paper bag or a bag to make sure that mask stays away from everyone," Dr. Callas said.