San Antonio — The San Antonio Nurse who vanished on Thanksgiving Day of 2016 after her daughter was found abandoned and tied up has been extradited to the Bexar County jail.

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office confirmed 43-year-old Michele Boyd was taken into custody and booked on Tuesday.

Her daughter was found with her mouth taped shut while tied up to an ice machine at a store on the south side the same day she went missing in 2016.

Boyd has been charged with abandoning a child with risk of bodily injury.

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The registered nurse with CHRISTUS Hospital System was previously in custody in Raleigh, North Carolina after she was found on March 19, almost two years after her 2016 disappearance.

Boyd's family desperately searched for her. They passed out missing person fliers, offered a reward and even created a Facebook page that was dedicated to finding her.

On March 19, officers in North Carolina found her at a hospital and arrested her. Her husband said she was with a homeless man and had been living under an alias. Boyd's mother said her daughter got sick and was getting treated at a hospital. Eventually, she gave up her real name.

"She almost died. They said they had to resuscitate her twice and that she was in ICU with a ventilator. When she came to, her friend was there and she confessed," said Sue Roode, Michele's mother. "We all felt that she was alive somewhere. That she was running, hiding. We knew that she was exhibiting paranoia behavior before she left."

"I want her be able to get back to her daughter and be mommy," Roode said.

Her family is glad she's back in Bexar County now and they hope they can provide the support she needs.