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Non-profit helps veterans make their house feel like home

A new non-profit is helping former homeless veterans get back on their feet through furniture.

"There is still a lot of veterans, they come back not prepared for real life," VetStrong co-founder Barbara Walz said.

A troubling cycle Walz noticed as a nurse at a veterans hospital.

"I found a lot of them were unable to have good healthcare because they didn't have a place to live or nothing in it,” she said.

Determined to be the change, Walz helped launch VetStrong and fill a warehouse with household essentials.

The non-profit helps homeless veterans recently housed furnish their home for free. "Texserve will take their information, they verify that they are indeed a veteran and then they do some vetting and then we get our referrals from them,” she said.

VetStrong officially launches in July, but volunteers are already hard at work loading up donations.

"We are picking up today some couches, a couch a love seat, some living room furniture end tables," board member Ramon Gonzalez said.

Furniture donated by the mother of a veteran herself.

"They gave so much going out there for us we need to give them back to start something, a life to start feeling that they are wanted they are needed and they have a place here to start a family or a home a place to call home,” said Sylvia Peche.

Since April, the organization has helped 13 veterans.

The non-profit is now asking the public for help. They're in need of a moving truck and more donations.

"We need couches, kitchen tables and chairs, we need TVs and radios. A lot of the time, it's very depressing for these patients to sit in their apartment alone with nothing," Walz said.

For more information about VetStrong, visit their Facebook page.

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