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Nine-year-old uses her savings to buy her classmate a new bike

The third grader had been saving money since Kindergarten.

Sitting on her living room couch sifting through a shark book, one thing is clear; you can learn a lot from Charlette Huckaba. 

"I think this is a tiger shark," she said as she stared at the photo in her newest shark book. 

This third grader's teachings go far beyond her extensive shark knowledge. She can teach you other things; things you can't learn from a book or inside a classroom. 

Just a couple of weeks ago Charlette Huckaba left school at Woodstone Elementary with something on her mind. 

"She couldn't even get into the car fast enough," her mom Windy Huckaba remembered. "She was like, 'Mom, Mom Jacobi's bike got stolen today." 

For Charlette, the theft of her friend's bike left her uneasy. 

"Every day he rides his bike to and from school and he loves riding bikes," Charlette said. "I told my mom and we started talking about how we can help." 

Using money she had been saving up since kindergarten, the third grader met up with her friend Jacobi at a Walmart one afternoon and bought him a new set of wheels. 

"It was fun because he was happy that he was getting a new bike and I was happy that he was happy," she recalled on Sunday. 

"Pretty much proud Dad moment. [I was] telling all my friends about it," Luke Huckaba, Charlette's Dad, said.

"It makes me really proud of her. I'm just so happy to see her blossoming into the girl she has begun. I'm the proudest parent ever," Windy added. 

And why wouldn't you be? 

This 9-year-old just schooled all of us on life's oldest lesson, what it really means to be kind. 

"You don't do it only when you're told to, you do it because you choose to," Charlette said.