A new floral company is selling roses that can last for more than a year.

Ivory Floral Design launched in May but is now rolling out with their roses. Nelly Dang, co-owner of the company, said they wanted to find the best materials before going public with sales.

"Everything, down to the quality of the flower. We actually tried several different farms to see which one we preferred and we found one that's good," said Dang.

The roses can last for a very long time because they go through a special preservation process after they're picked from the bushes.

"They're dipped in a magical solution. We can't tell you what the magical solution is because it's a secret of course. But it's made up of glycerin, essential oils, some type of plant components. They'll do it for a few days and then after, the few days you'll have a beautiful, soft, wonderful rose," said Tuan Lee, co-owner of the company.

The co-owners said the maintenance is also, quite simple. The flowers do not require sunlight or water and they must be kept at room temperature.

"It's great because my husband says I can kill a cactus. So, having a flower that is very low maintenance, no maintenance at all. It's perfect. And with small kids running around the house, I don't worry about them knocking over the glass vase, spilling the water," said Megan McKavanagh.

McKavanagh said six months ago, her husband gave her the roses for their 10th wedding anniversary.

"I keep it in the box and it's beautiful as the day he got it," said McKavanagh. "I was shocked. I mean, the only flowers that lasted forever are the artificial ones, which collect dust. Which are no good."

The roses come in a variety of colors. For Valentine's Day, they're available in ivory, red and pink. Also, there are different sized boxes for the roses. The price starts at $125.

You can preview the roses at Dang's other place of business The White Orchid. For more information, contact Ivory Floral Design on Facebook, Instagram or at (210) 427-4018.