SAN ANTONIO -- San Antonio’s skyline is about to get a big upgrade, with the flip of a light switch. At 8:30 Thursday night, the city will turn on its latest art installment, a glowing light sculpture called Kinetic Skyline.

The project consists of a series of 90-pound light fixtures attached to the windowsills of the Bank of America Plaza. Each points 300-feet skyward with graceful, dancing lights.

“Imagine the face of a building being turned into a painting,” said Bill FitzGibbons, the San Antonio artist behind the design.

FitzGibbons says the installation is inspired by the architecture, forming a stairwell design up the side of the building. It uses energy-efficient and programmable LED’s, meaning it will change as the seasons and city change around it.

“Everything from your standard nightly program to Fiesta, to a holiday program,” said FitzGibbons. “I have a special holiday program that looks like a heart beating in the middle of the building, showing its love.”

Unlike the majority of FitzGibbons’ work, this public display isn’t funded by the city. The Kinetic Skyline is entirely paid for and maintained by the owners of the Bank America Plaza.

FitzGibbons, who also designed the light sculptures at VIA’s Centro Plaza, The University Health Center downtown, and the underpass at Commerce and Houston Streets, says he hopes many more projects like this pop up around the city.

“it’s really the wave of the future,” said FitzGibbons. “We’re going to be seeing more and more of this.”