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New CPS Energy alerts help save money and power

Save money on your energy bill and help keep the state’s electric grid working. CPS Energy has a new color-coded alert system to help San Antonio beat the heat.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — CPS Energy's new alert system has four levels to help conserve power in the heat. That will also help lower your power bill. It looks a lot like a stop light, but with an extra color.  Here are the four levels:

Green means go. Use electricity as you want. Reduce your bill on these days by setting your thermostat to 78, using fans, and closing your blinds.

Yellow is use caution. We will see this a lot this summer. It means it is a peak demand day. Reduce your bill by not using large appliances and charging electric vehicles after 10 p.m.

Orange means there is a potential grid reliability risk. Prepare to lose power. Make sure you have a plan ready if that happens. Limit your power usage as much as possible.

Red means there are rotating outages happening. If you lose power, turn off all lights, appliances, and your AC, plus keep your refrigerator door closed so food does not spoil.

The last two levels are considered the danger zone for the grid.

“Serious days would be orange or red and that’s when the state grid managed by ERCOT would be potentially at risk,” said Christine Patmon of CPS Energy.

Orange and Red alerts will only be issued if ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas that manages the grid, declares the reliability of power is at risk.

By choosing to conserve energy, we can keep the grid going.

“We’re looking at those triple degree temperatures, again, with record-breaking heat,” Patmon said. “We’re asking customers to voluntarily conserve.”

CPS Energy will post the conservation color daily on its website, social media, and billboards.

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