LIVE OAK — He's from Ohio and works in real estate. So what does Ron Noble really know about running a wing joint in the San Antonio area? Rather than argue his point it's far easier for doubters to chew on the facts.

"I wanted to put together a wing house and have good natural homemade food that nothing's processed. Nothing's frozen," Noble said.

The Wing Haus at Quatermain's Pub is inside of Quatermain's Pub at 13920 I-35 in Live Oak.

It isn't Noble's first restaurant. The specialty at this one is clearly wings. He switched up Haus because of the proximity to New Braunfels. Wings also lend itself to infamous German fighter pilot Captain Manfred Von Richthofen better known as the Red Baron.

Noble has a wing sauce named for the World War I fighter pilot and a sandwich named after Richthofen's plane. The menu carries hamburgers, appetizers and a Southwest egg roll he's proud of. Noble said The Wing Haus batter it's own boneless wings and makes its own meat for burgers.

As for the wings, the Red Baron is their signature flavor. If you're feeling adventurous Noble serves the hellishly hot Carolina reaper sauce on his wings too.

"We have traditional, Buffalo. We have garlic Parmesan," He said. "We've got honey mustard, BBQ, Cajun dry rub, lemon pepper dry rub."

Neighborhood Eats wanted to see if this bar grub would earn its wings. Noble provided a three dish sampler starting with the Southwest egg rolls. They come with chipotle aioli. Delicious!

Then we took on the Driedecker Sandwich. It's named after the Red Baron's plane and inspired by a sandwich from Pittsburgh. Sandwiched on Italian bread is capicola, pepperoni, coleslaw, French fries (Yes on the sandwich), tomatoes and cheese. Delicious!

The hot wings came with the Red Baron sauce. It's a tasty mix of heat and sweet. The wings are worthy.

The Wing Haus at Quatermain's Pub opens when the bar does. The bar has two floors. It's Live Oak location does allow for smoking inside the business.

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