SAN ANTONIO - An interesting blend of southern breakfast cuisine is what you can expect at The South Chicken & Waffles. Joshua Green said he was able to put the restaurant together in 90 days because the good Lord sent him the right team to make this place sizzle.

"All I can say is I contribute it to God," Green said. "I was in the car business and I decided I wanted something different."

Ask and it shall be given! In September, The South Chicken & Waffles flipped from dream to reality.Green and Chef John Belvin of Alexandria, Louisiana realized they had to stand out in San Antonio's Tex-Mex stronghold.They decided to go with a chicken and waffle concept.

"We didn't want to be your everyday run of the mill soul food restaurant," He said.

The general manager's son Gregory Adams said he could live in the atmosphere at 5739 Callaghan Rd.

"It's to die for," Adams said. "I would do it because i wouldn't have to cook any food."

Adams said the restaurant's food transports customers to Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and Georgia.

"The whole idea of The South is that different recipes from different regions of the United States---They come together," Green said.

The bread and butter at The South is their breakfast and brunch. The eatery is slowly adding dinner to its plate.

Neighborhood Eats wanted to sample what they do well. They provided a three plate sampler starting with catfish, stone ground grits, and a biscuit. ¡Qué rico!

The same can be said of their tender oxtails in gravy, stone ground grits, and a biscuit. ¡Qué rico!

Part of the restaurant's name mentions chicken and waffles. Neighborhood Eats couldn't leave without trying a sample. They brought us a half and half. It's a huge piece of fried chicken on top of a buttermilk and red velvet waffle. ¡Qué rico!

There are far more dishes on the menu which means Neighborhood Eats has to make another delicious trip.

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