Taylor, TX — It took Neighborhood Eats two days to find out where the good restaurants were on the Texas BBQ Trail. Three are listed in Taylor. Only felt trail worthy.

The Great Grill Almighty tour is our annual quest to find the best barbecue in the state of Texas. Neighborhood Eats is driven by viewer recommendation. So we set our taste buds on the post oak dominated pits of Central Texas.

Luling, Lockhart, Elgin, Taylor, and Bastrop make up the famed Texas BBQ Trail. There are many restaurants in each city but a select few grouped on the official website. This is the last in athree-partt series on the trail. Final stop Taylor, Texas.

Davis Grocery Bar-B-Q

Reverend James Davis knew it was God who told he him to open a convenience store in March 1994.

"I was driving down that road and the spirit of God spoke and said this is where you need to be," Davis said.

It took $200 for him to secure the building that would house Davis Grocery and Market. His customers encouraged him to include barbecuing to his services.

"The first time that I cooked barbecue---that first day---I sold out," He said. "I had to get more meat just that quick."

Davis moved into a building right across the street. His fare has gained a huge following especially among the truckers who work the harvest near his 400 S. Robinson Street location.

He serves everything from brisket to mutton. Yes, if you're in need of the gospel he's got that too.

Taylor's Cafe

Taylor's Cafe is the brainchild and baby of Venice Mares. He's a WWII Veteran who still sits in his barbecuing serving bar.

Mares' Taylor Cafe is reportedly the oldest building in downtown Taylor. Since the late 40s, he's been serving up custom sausage, ribs, brisket, potato salad, and beans.

The veteran has been recognized for the fare from the unpretentious cafe. Neighborhood Eats thanks Mares for his service and the sample he provided.

Louie Mueller Barbecue

Wayne Mueller is carrying on the family tradition of customer service and barbecue. This may not have been his dream but it became his destiny.

"This is really a labor of love," Mueller said. "It has to be a bigger reason than we are trying to make a dollar."

Mueller said the business started in 1946. It was an extension of his grandfather's meat market and grocery store.

"We had residence behind his grocery store in alleyway from 1946 to 1959," He said. "We moved into the building in 1959."

Mueller says the calling card for the business is their brisket. A Neighborhood Eats taste test agrees right down to the burnt ends. Que Rico!

In the past eight years, Mueller's has gained national and international attention for its beef rib. It's a mega chunk of meat that comes to the table with a wow factor. Que Rico!

The barbecue joint also serves tender ribs and their own sausage.

"We've been making our own sausage since 1964," He said.