A vicious dog attack left a Pleasanton man with startling deep gashes and 28 stitches after a vicious dog attack. His mother says that her son is actually lucky that it wasn't worse. She credits another's quick actions for saving his life.

"Those dogs meant to kill him. They weren't just attacking to warn," said MaryAnn Boyd.

Boyd said her son was walking home from getting a soda Saturday evening when the attack took place. "My son comes in and collapsed right here and he's got blood on his neck and on his back," said Boyd.

She said her next door neighbor's pit bulls have never been aggressive before, but they got loose somehow and attacked her son who was screaming for help. And thanks to one man, he got it.

"Dogs came out and they started attacking him," said Arnoldro Villareal, good Samaritan. "I jumped off the roof, fumbled, and i hit them with my poll saw and that was about it."

Villareal said he was trimming his friend's tree's when he saw the attack. "I was just doing what anyone else would do if they were out here probably."

Boyd said if it wasn't for Villareal, her son might not have made it. "I'm thankful to god that he's okay and I'm so thankful for this man that took it upon himself to jump down and help him."

Police said the dogs are at the pound being tested for rabies but Villareal and Boyd hope to never see them again.

KENS 5 tried speaking with the dog owners but they were not home. Police said they will be cited.