More red light cameras are coming to our area.

They first showed up in Balcones Heights a decade ago, now Leon Valley is adding cameras along Bandera Road.

City leaders say the purpose is to calm traffic and reduce crashes.

The cameras will also generate money for law enforcement.

It's estimated 90,000 cars drive through Leon Valley every day on Bandera Road.

Joe Cano doesn't drive, he walks, and dodges the steady stream of vehicles.

"I've almost been run over a couple times by people that have actually run the red light or have gone against the light," said Cano.

Leon Valley saw 1,111 crashes on or at Bandera Road in 2016. Police here issued more than 4,584 citations in 2016, with only 317 going to its own residents.

"I think people are usually in a rush and I think people just get fed up :46 and sometimes it's just that the yellow lights are just a little too short and go right into the red light," said Steven Corbo, a Leon Valley resident.

Leon Valley is moving forward with plans to add cameras on Bandera Road at Wurzbach, Seneca, Huebner, and Reindeer Trail.

More intersections could follow once a vendor is selected and approved by the Leon Valley City Council.

Cano says the more the merrier.

"If people notice there is a camera, they may think twice and maybe adhere to giving us the right away,"said Cano.

City leaders hope to have the first cameras up and running by the end of this year.

Violations recorded by a red light camera do not affect your driving record and are not criminal actions.

Anyone who doesn't pay faces civil issues similar to those you might encounter if you don't pay your credit card bill.