University Health Systems is partnering with Northside ISD to help make checking off your “to-do” list a little bit easier. They have made it simple for students to stay up-to-date on the vaccines required for grade school and even college.

Abagail Davila is weeks away from high school graduation and already planning her next chapter. The teen plans on becoming an early childhood teacher.

“At my church I teach Bible School and I’m just used to [young children], they’re very entertaining,” said Davila.

She is planning on enrolling at Northwest Vista College in the fall and will need to show she has had a meningitis shot.

Between classes, Davila stopped by a brightly colored bus in the John Jay High School parking lot.

A quick prick and she was on her way.

"I think I was in there two minutes, maybe three,” said Davila.

The roomy bus is a mobile clinic that rolls through San Antonio, taking health care straight to students.

“We do this every day. We are out at least 5 times a week,” said Danyel Gloria, LVN with University Health Systems.

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Gloria greets dozens of children on school days and helps them stay up-to-date on their shots.

“It’s really quick, relax, relax your muscles and don’t hold your breath,” said Gloria, explaining how she coaches nervous kids through the immunizations.

Along with the meningitis shots, other school-required vaccines are available.

The mobile clinic through University Health accepts private insurance, CHIP, Medicaid and Carelink.

The mobile clinic will visit several more NISD campuses this month.

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Parents can make an appointment for their child online or drop in. Participants are asked to bring a copy of the student’s shot records, insurance card and photo ID.