LAKEHILLS, Texas — Texas game wardens said Monday the body of Zenovio “Sandy” Calderon was found after he went missing more than two weeks ago

Texas Game Warden Captain Jeff Carter said they got a call around 2 a.m. on July 28  about a man falling overboard in the Elm Cove area of Medina Lake.

“We got a ping from where the phone call was made, which puts it in the general area of Elm Cove, out where it dumps into the lake,” Carter said.

Carter said Calderon fell off a pontoon boat. 

His friends told officials they tried to throw Calderon a life raft, but the 56-year-old man wasn’t able to reach it. “One of them said they actually dived in to grab a hold of him, and that’s when he went underwater,” Carter said.

Game Warden crews searched the area using drones and equipment able to search underwater up to 30 feet.  

 Captain Carter said Calderon's body was found Monday morning near of Walton Island, known as "Tiki Island" by people who live at Medina Lake.