A video posted to Twitter appears to show one of the pilots parachuting to the ground after ejecting from an Air Force plane on Tuesday in northeast Bexar County.

According to Joint Base San Antonio Randolph Air Force Base public affairs, a T-6A Texan aircraft crashed on Tuesday afternoon near Rolling Oaks Mall and Veterans Memorial High School. The plane is designed for training and seats two pilots. Both pilots survived the crash, ejecting from the aircraft and parachuting to the ground, only suffering minor injuries.

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A video posted to Twitter by user @JakeTheIllest appears to show one of the pilots as they parachute to the ground.


According to the San Antonio Fire Department, the plane landing in a field and the pilots landing in a separate field across the street was ideal in terms of keeping everyone safe in an otherwise busy area.

The Air Force has taken the lead in the investigation as to what caused the crash but have not provided any further updates.