Tucked away in a warehouse, months of labor in the heat and cold will bring to life a military tribute.

"There is a lot of heritage behind these wings. I'm just trying to honor that heritage and that pride," artist Aaron Bialaszewsk said.

The idea for the unique pieces was sparked when Jason Deblasio came across Aaron Bialaszewsk’s metal artwork. Intrigued, DeBlasio ordered a pair of wings for a friend being relocated to another military base. Blown away by the final product, the two started a partnership, fusing together Bialaszewsk's creative metalwork with DeBlasio’s military background to honor service members.

“Everyone has a different story and everybody deserves a unique and different piece of artwork,” Bialaszewsk said.

Bialaszewsk transforms traditional military insignia into one of a kind pieces of wall art. Each piece is made from all American metal and symbolizes a journey Deblasio knows well after 13 deployments with the Air Force.

“Those are all images tied to those sacrifices,” Deblasio said. “Why you are doing it, who’s back at home, sacrifices that you’ve made, the birthday’s that you’ve missed.”

The artwork is shipped around the world and the latest piece for will soon hang on a wall at Randolph Air Force Base.

To learn more about the veteran-owned company where the artwork is sold visit: Military Metal Art Inc.