On Tuesday, rescue efforts were still underway after 10 sailors went missing following the collision between USS John S. McCain and an oil tanker near Singapore. One of those sailors John "CJ" Hoagland was from a small town about 45 minutes northeast of Houston.

Navy officials announced that the remains of sailors had been found in sealed compartments of the destroyer on Tuesday.

"There was hope yesterday that possibly, that with the water rushing in, that some of the sailors could have been swept out and were still floating in the water somewhere. And now this morning, with the news that the bodies found in that section of the hull, it's not very likely," said Larry Reed, Hoagland's great uncle.

His family says that Hoagland was a member of the JROTC for three years in high school and was working as an electronics technician aboard the USS McCain. He dreamed of a long military career and to one day become an officer.

"He loved his family and he loved his country. He would do anything for his country," his mother, Cynthia Kimball, said.

In a recent Facebook post, Hoagland wrote:

I still can't get over just looking out over the ocean or staring up at the stars at night. I think those two things are at the top of my list of favorite reasons for going Navy over any other branch.